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  • We've made our Web SDK flows even smoother! Before, when you start the verification process, it would open in a new tab. Now, instead of opening a new tab, everything happens right on the same page in a small window, making the process more seamless.
  • In our Web to Device template flow, we've added a link to the ezto verify mobile app on the QR page. This makes it super easy to access the mobile app during verification.

Bug Fixes

Web to Device

  1. Previously, selecting a specific device to send push notifications would mistakenly send notifications to all devices listed, along with an "Access denied" message. We've corrected this, so notifications are sent only to the chosen device.
  2. When creating a Web to Device template from the Templates page, it used to show an Unknown_error. Now, this error message has been resolved.

Email Validation

  1. We fixed an issue where the email validation flow would complete without specifying a threshold value. This is now fixed.
  2. Previously, when using a registered email ID for the email validation flow, the execution screen would display as Verify Email incorrectly. This has been fixed.