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New Features

Web to Device Verification: It is where the initial app verification takes place on the web, followed by the second app verification on a mobile device using QR code and Firebase integration.


  • The ezto verify app now includes YubiKey support.

  • Enhanced the process, where on creating a tenant, notifications are now automatically sent to both FreshDesk and Slack.

  • Improvised the time limit for Auth Request ID. Previously, the absence of a set time limit resulted in the Auth Request ID expiring after a certain duration.

  • The workflow for both ITR Verification and Verify Form 26AS has been revised.

Bug Fixes

  • The issue where clicking the link sent via SMS would directly redirect to an alternative flow before the expiration time, this has been resolved.

  • Resolved the issue in the audit where the consent error message wasn't displayed. Now, the correct message appears.

  • During the verification of a transaction with an admin user, the dashboard session automatically logs out, if the transaction failed. This has been fixed.

  • The automatic logout of the dashboard session when a transaction failed during verification with an admin user has been fixed.

  • Fixed and resolved a bunch UI bugs.