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Date: 25.01.2024


ezto auth Rebranding: QlikAuth has been rebranded as ezto auth, introducing a higher performance to enhance secure authentication experiences.

Subscription Model Update: Changed from a license-based subscription to a wallet-based subscription for improved flexibility.

Social Connection Enhancement: Social connection feature prevents the deletion of any connection during a live authentication flow for added security.

Application Management: Applications are now clearly differentiated and categorized as sub-tabs for better organization and user experience.

Performance Boosts: Significant improvements in performance for User Sync and Email operations.

Authentication Enhancements: Introduced realm-level authentication options that can be overridden at the application level, providing more customization.

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed minor performance issues to ensure a smoother user experience.

  • Resolved an issue where setting WhatsApp as the default provider and SMS as the custom provider resulted in a MFA issue.

  • Fixed the dashboard issue where emails were not received upon assigning or revoking roles.

  • Resolved the timeout issue for OTP expiry in the Reset Password Flow.

  • Fixed internal server errors occurring during phone onboarding.

  • Addressed an issue where setting the default policy in the Password and Recovery flow was unsuccessful.

  • Fixed the unconstrained email OTP length in the email registration flow.