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Create MFA

Imagine having the access to design and personalize your own authentication, ensuring seamless user access to your application. With ezto auth, you're in control, offering you over pre-defined ready-to-use authenticators.

These MFA are designed to simplify your authentication process, making it a breeze to set up secure and user-friendly access to your application.

To know how to create, follow the below steps

1 Go to Dashboard > Authentication > MFA.

2 Click on + ADD FACTOR.

Add Factor

3 You will be redirected to the multi-factor authentication (MFA) providers page, where you can view all the pre-installed MFA options that are available.


4 Click on the MFA you wish to configure. For instance, Email is choosen.

5 You will be directed to the configuration page for the chosen MFA method.

Email MFA

6 Provide the necessary configurations, click on SAVE.

7 MFA will be created successfully.

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